Tegic Releases The Sleek Block 30 Power Bank

Updated: Aug 25

by Ambrose Leung

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Tegic has just released its updated Block 30 portable battery pack.

With their purpose of designing “sexy” power banks, separating its phone chargers from the sea of products that look the same, the Block 30 not only looks great but has the latest charging technology built inside. The Block 30 features a 30W fast charge in and out (USB-A/USB-C), a large 10,000mah capacity, and a full CNC aluminum body. One of the key design elements is the exposed circuit board via the tempered glass window. The board shows six LED lights that display the status of your charge.

Those interested in this industrial, palm-sized power bank can head over to Tegic to pick one up for a price of $69 USD.

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