If we can have designer products from clothes to accessories, from home deco to personalized purse, why can’t we have a power bank with a designer touch?

It might be hard to get the full story on the birth of the first power bank. It could be a geeky invention built in someone’s garage, or a side project from an OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer). There was also stories about a Chinese student made it into reality.

No matter how it was born, this straightforward solution has worked its magic and saved smartphone users from running low on battery.

The power banks we have on market are built using the simplest design - it is either black or white with a bulky look. They also charge at a slow speed and the battery light might not even function correctly.

If we can have designer products from clothes to accessories, from home deco to personalized purse, why can’t we have a power bank with a designer touch?

So I begin to picture what an ideal power bank should look like:

It should has the basic functions that would meet the needs for flash charging and large battery capacity. It should also look good and match my taste. In addition, if I don’t have a bring a charging cable to use it, wouldn’t it be great?

Well, those simple needs actually took us a while before they were turned into reality.

Introducing BLOCK 01

She might look just like any other regular power bank on the market, but for anyone who takes a close look, she is far from the common look. basic parameter: 1. 10000mah 3.8v Lithium Polymer Batteries 2.Two model ,one with lightning cable for apple device(5V2.4A 12W max),the other has type-c cable instead(qc3.0 huawei fcp 18W max) ,both of them has only one type-c interface support input(pd3.0/qc3.0/fcp 18W max) or output(pd3.0/qc3.0/fcp 18W max).

  • To be Seen You might notice the missing block on its top - a designed piece of tempered glass fitted in the metal frame is what stands out. Not made of cheap plastic or resin, this transparent block will allow you to look into the ICU of your power bank. From the electronic chip to LED light bulbs, you will get an entertaining overview of the core components inside your power bank.

  • Come with cable As expected, BLOCK 01 also comes with its own charging cable. You can choose between the lightning or type-C connector depending on the devices that you will need to charge most frequently. Once the cable is plugged in, BLOCK 01 will start charging immediately without the need to press the On/Off button - isn’t that what an intelligent device should be doing?

  • Easy to be charged

Only one port and it's the type C port, you can use it either output or input mode and they both support PD fast charge. If you pick the type C version, the cable come with can also do input mode.

  • Fast charged

The lightning version supports flash charging up to 12W(Not for PD); the type-C version supports PD3.0, QC3.0 and Huawei FCP for up to 18W. In addition to a built-in cable, each BLOCK 01 has a type-C connector that can go with your own cable. This connector also supports PD3.0, QC3.0 and Huawei FCP for both input and output usage. A MFI certified cable can flash charge any iOS devices up to 18W.

  • Power status

When we look at BLOCK 01 one more time, it would be hard to ignore its five LED light bulbs for battery status. Four of the light bulbs are white and one is red. When all four white lights are on, the power bank is fully charged. The white lights will blink at the rate of human breathing, a frequency that brings us calming and relaxing vibes according to scientists. A light will go off for every 20% of the battery used. When there is only 20% of the battery left, all white lights will turn off, and a red bulb lights up as a reminder to recharge your power bank. The charging light will blink at the rate of a rapid breathing as if it is sucking into all the oxygen like a human. Once the power bank is recharged to over 20% of battery, the red light will go off as the white light bulb resumes working, or blinking. Each light bulb blinks at a normal breathing rate to indicate one fifth of power is restored till the power bank is fully charged. Aside from these five light bulbs, there is an extra orange light bulb to indicate the power bank is in the flash charge mode. It will light up once your power bank is flash charging your phone or other devices, assuring you with the status of battery at all times. While it might not look necessary to go into such details when describing the LED lights on BLOCK 01, I am confident that you will soon discover them as the most convenient indicators for anyone to fall in love this power bank.

BLOCK 01 co-branded model

This is our co-branded model with the trendy clothing brand.

We are committed to investing our time and energy on turning each device into a piece of modern art while improving all the functions. Technology can be enjoyed in a chic style, and that is what TEGIC is aiming to achieve.

When a smartphone has become our best friends today, we hope that BLOCK 01 will become your next friend in your purse or the backpack. This smart and elegant looking power bank will stand well along with your daily accessories, and become the most useful addition to your collection.